Missionary Farewell

A missionary in Washington was asked to share in Sacrament meeting what prepared him most for his mission. Here’s an excerpt from his remarks:

One thing that I have to give credit where it’s due is the Young Men’s and Scouting Programs. I have been blessed to have some unique experiences in these programs and to have some incredible role models as leaders. At 14 I got to attend the National Boy Scout Jamboree at Fort AP Hill in Virginia celebrating 100 years of scouting. As a part of this I got to attend some of the most sacred sites in the history of the Church, one of which was the Sacred Grove in Palmyra New York. Now if you can imagine 72 14-17 year old scouts being let loose to wander a grove of trees, it doesn’t sound like it would be the most reverent experience. But I can testify that there is a special spirit there, that even a rowdy group of teenagers can feel the spirit of the Lord and understand that Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ had been there and spoke to Joseph Smith.